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You’re Only One Cast Away from a Memory of a Lifetime

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You’re Only One Cast Away from a Catch of a Lifetime

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Joe Rossi

In 2006, Joe Rossi turned his passion for hunting & fishing into a television show titled Joe’s Wildside Adventures, which aired on the Sportsmen Channel, ROOT Sports, and the FSN Sports Network for 10 years. During his run, Joe chased game and fish from the Arctic Circle to the southern tip of Argentina. Today, Joe creates unique world-class hunting and fishing tours around the world for travelers that share the same passion.

Do You Join Every Trip?2023-05-17T20:52:04+00:00

I don’t join every trip but host as many as I can. You can view all the upcoming trips I will be joining here.

How Many Fishing/Hunting Trips Do You Take a Year?2023-05-17T20:52:04+00:00

Currently, I book 5-6 trips fishing/hunting trips per year.

You can view all the upcoming trips I will be joining here.

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Adventurous and luxury fishing trips from Searun Brown Trout tours in Argentina to catching King Salmon in the wilds of Alaska. There is nothing like reeling in the catch of a lifetime in the middle of the world’s most scenic landscapes.


From pheasant hunts in South Dakota to Red Stag hunting in Argentina, Wildside Adventures hunting tours are a can’t-miss for hunting enthusiasts. Check off these bucket-list destinations with world renowned hunting guides and expert itineraries planned by Joe himself.


Entrance to Triple Creek Ranch with a stone sign amidst lush greenery and blooming flowers


Looking for luxury in the wilderness? Search no further! Wildside Adventures partners with luxury wilderness retreats around the world. Search our collection of top luxury lodges, from rural escapes in Western Montana to tropical island getaways in the Bahamas and Seychelles.

Our luxury lodges offer a high-end outdoor experience for those who want to enjoy pristine wilderness areas with exceptional comfort. Activities at these lodges can include guided fishing, as well as a variety of outdoor adventures such as hiking, kayaking, wildlife viewing, scuba diving, snorkeling, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowmobiling and much more.

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