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If Amazon Peacock Bass or Golden Dorado fishing is on your bucket list, a trip to South America is a must! River fishing and lake fishing in South America are often top bucket list items for Anglers. Brazil, Bolivia, and Colombia are the best fishing destinations in the world for Dorado. Head out and explore numerous world-class protected fly-fishing areas and rivers deep in the South American jungles.

Look for Argentina destinations.  We got you covered, Click here to visit our Argentina Fishing Destinations page.

BRAZIL – Acute Angling

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The “Ultimate” choice in Amazon Peacock Bass fishing.

The Amazon river system has long been known for its monster Peacock Bass that lurk in its tributaries and lagoons. Their ferocious strikes and persistence make them one of the most thrilling fish in the world to catch, and to land a few over 20 pounds during your trip is not uncommon and won’t be a thrill you’ll soon forget!

COLOMBIA – Bahia Solano

Bahia Solano is one of the top destinations in the world for both inshore and pelagics, with Marlin, Sailfish, Cubera Snapper, Tuna, Roosterfish, and many more. These species are available year round.

Salt Water Sportfishing has always be known in Costa Rica and Panama, but Colombia is catching on in a big way! Our Colombia fishing tours take anglers to a unique corner of the world that is sure to impress. Take in the culture, catch world-class fish, and enjoy every moment.

COLOMBIA – Mapiri Lodge

Experience the best fishing in the Amazon Basin in luxurious accommodations. Asiwere means Big Peacock bass in Sikuani, yet peacock bass are but a small part of what the fishing has to offer. You will be fishing for monster , Payara, Pacu, giant red tail catfish up to 100lbs., Matrinxas, Piraiba and Tambaqui pushing 80 pounds. It is great to have several of these species in one place in these sizes, but to have all of them in these sizes is nothing short of spectacular!

Our world-class accommodations were designed with both luxury and nature in mind, and include state of the art cabins with fully-equipped AC and individual bathrooms overlooking the dense jungle foliage and the mighty river below. To ensure that your time with us will be a culinary experience as memorable as the fishing, your meals will be designed and tailored by a world-class chef from Medellin. Our lodge is also equipped with a fully stocked bar where you can enjoy your favorite drinks as you watch the sun set over the Guaviare River.

BOLIVIA, BRAZIL – Untamed Angling

Come to unleash your passion for angling and exploring at the best dorado destination on Earth. From Untamed Angling:

“Pristine rivers, fascinating wildlife, exuberant flora and inspiring natives eager to share their heritage: more than an outstanding fishing experience our destinations provide a journey to the living myths and legends of the Amazon—the adventure of a lifetime.”

Fish ‘The Butire,” which means River King, is a protected fly fishing paradise. It’s the perfect location for anglers to head out to fish payara using a wide range of techniques.

Come fish at a world-class location with world-class fish!

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