Wildside Joe’s Avalon Outdoors Cuban Fishing Trips 2024-2025

Wildside Joe’s Avalon Outdoors Cuban Fishing Trips 2024-20252024-06-05T21:32:13+00:00

Find Your Perfect Fishing Cuban Adventure with Wildside Adventures!

Wildside Joe's Avalon Outdoors Cuban Fishing Trips 2024-2025

Avalon Outdoor Cuban Fishing Centers
Several Dates for 2042 & 2025

Wildside Joe's Avalon Outdoors Cuban Fishing Trips 2024-2025

September 2024 through 2025 (Hosted and Non-Hosted Trips)

Avalon Outdoor Cuban Fishing Centers

Set off on an unforgettable fishing trip with Avalon Outdoors in Cuba, arranged by Wildside Adventures. This extraordinary experience promises to be unlike any other in the Caribbean, offering a rare opportunity to fish in some of the most pristine and untouched waters. Having only been developed in recent years, these flats fisheries in Cuba have remained undisturbed by sport fishing for nearly fifty years, creating an angler’s paradise.

Cuba’s dedication to preserving its natural beauty is evident through the establishment of National Marine Parks, where commercial fishing is strictly limited to lobster. This means the waters are teeming with a diverse array of fish, including Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Snook, Mutton Snapper, Barracuda, and various Jacks. The low fishing pressure in these protected areas ensures that the fish are not only abundant but also more inclined to bite, making for an exhilarating and successful fishing adventure.

Scheduled for both 2024 and 2025, this trip offers the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Imagine casting your line into crystal-clear waters, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of Cuba. The thrill of reeling in a catch in such a unique and untouched environment is a dream come true for any fishing enthusiast.

Additionally, Wildside Adventures also provides exciting fishing trips in Argentina, another premier destination for anglers seeking diverse and plentiful fish populations. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, these trips promise to deliver unforgettable memories and stories to share for years to come. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the best of what Cuba and Argentina have to offer in the world of fishing.

Wildside Joe's Avalon Outdoors Cuban Fishing Trips 2024-2025

Secure your adventure now and reel in the excitement of Cuba’s pristine waters with Wildside Adventures!

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Joe Rossi

In 2006, Joe Rossi turned his passion for hunting & fishing into a television show titled Joe’s Wildside Adventures, which aired on the Sportsmen Channel, ROOT Sports, and the FSN Sports Network for 10 years. During his run, Joe chased game and fish from the Arctic Circle to the southern tip of Argentina. Today, Joe creates unique world-class hunting and fishing tours around the world for travelers that share the same passion.

Do You Join Every Trip?2023-05-17T20:52:04+00:00

I don’t join every trip but host as many as I can. You can view all the upcoming trips I will be joining here.

How Many Fishing/Hunting Trips Do You Take a Year?2023-05-17T20:52:04+00:00

Currently, I book 5-6 trips fishing/hunting trips per year.

You can view all the upcoming trips I will be joining here.

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