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Join a fishing tour or charter to catch Tarpon, Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin, and other tropical fish species. No matter which Central America fishing tour you choose, it is sure to be an exciting time in a beautiful location. Wildside Adventures offers fishing tours to Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama, each of which can be customized to fit your perfect itinerary.

BELIZE – Belize River Lodge

Central America Fishing Destinations | Wildside Adventures

Mike Heusner, Marguerite Miles and Misha Miles, the owners, managers and hosts at Belize River Lodge have so graciously hosted me and my staff going on 10 years now. Each stay at the BLR has been more memorable than the previous one. I have learned so much about salt water fly fishing from their expert guides, the cultures of the Belizean people and the wonder of the Belize River. It is a destination that I truly enjoy returning to. During this trip I was able to hook up with three 100 pound plus Tarpon in the same afternoon and to make it even more special, I landed two of them! One was 142lbs and the other was 125lbs! They say that if a fly fisherman lands 1 out of 6 tarpon he is doing great, so my day was awesome!

The Belizean hospitality and the delicious combination of fine Belizean-Creole cuisine make this one of my favorite destinations. Cooking on the Wildside this week will feature some of my recipes with the local Snook!

PANAMA – Panama Sport Fishing Cala Mia Resort

Central America Fishing Destinations | Wildside Adventures

Located on Isla Boca Brava in the Gulf of Chiriquí on the Pacific coast of Panama, the Cala Mia all-inclusive fishing resort is only 40 mins from the Sportfishing and  diving  grounds of Panama.  Our Cala Mia Resort is the only Island-based operation in the region that has a full-service marina and has been awarded the best small resort in Panama.

All private bungalows have air conditioning, hot water, outdoor terraces, and spectacular ocean views, while larger family fishing groups can use the Villa or Beach House which occupy up to six guests.

COSTA RICA – Thumper Blue Water Expeditions

Central America Fishing Destinations | Wildside Adventures

The traveling billfish angler has a myriad of excellent locations to pursue his or her passion in Pacific Central America from Guatemala to Panama…the majority of these locales are famous for their sailfish bite.

Golfito , however, is home to one of the most prolific MARLIN bites on the planet. The Panama/CR border area is one of the few places in the world where three tectonic plates converge. (Hannibal Bank is on the Cocos Plate and millennia ago was located off the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador).

This intense plate activity has caused crust upwellings and intense volcanic activity that persists today. It is these folds in the earth’s crust and extinct volcanic cones that rise from the depths that enhance the currents and attract the bonito and yellowfin with the Marlin in close pursuit

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