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Our most popular international guided hunting tours travel to Argentina for the Red Stag, Speckled Geese in Canada, and buffalo in South Africa. Let us handle the itinerary, permits, tickets, and other headaches that come with international hunting trips, so you can sit back and enjoy the adventure.

CANADA – Blue Sky Outfitters

Canada geese, Snow geese and Speckled geese stop to fuel up for their long flight south and Mallard ducks, Pintails and Widgeons stage in the thousands in the peace parklands. Our hunting area in McLennan, Alberta is indisputably one of the premier waterfowl hunting areas in North America! According to the Head Biologist of North Western Alberta, McLennan, Alberta is the premier waterfowl location in the Peace Country. McLennan, The Bird Capital of Canada, is located on Kimiwan Lake . Recorded counts in excess of 26,000 migratory birds per day use Kimiwan Lake during migratory season.

CANADA – Feathered Fowl Outfitters

Best Hunting Destinations in The United States 

Feathered Fowl Outfitters, Saskatchewan, Canada’s premier waterfowl hunting destination, offers unparalleled hunting adventures across 14,000 square miles of prime territory. With decades of experience, our professional guides ensure a world-class experience for hunting dark or light geese, dabbling or diving ducks, and upland birds. Saskatchewan’s generous bag limits and diverse habitats promise fast-paced action and bountiful harvests, making it a top choice for hunters worldwide. Experience the thrill of hunting in the heart of waterfowl abundance, where the skies are filled with birds and each hunt is an opportunity to achieve the pinnacle of your waterfowl hunting dreams. Join us for the ultimate hunting adventure where passion meets tradition, and every outing is an unforgettable journey into the wild.

ARGENTINA – El Refugio Quillen Red Stag

El Refugio Quillen Red Stag Hunting Trips

Free Range Red Stag hunting in Patagonia, Argentina
Located on a tributary of the Alumine River in Patagonia, Argentina sits El Refugio Quillen Lodge. Not only does this quaint little gem on the Quillen River offers some of the best fly fishing in Patagonia, it also offers world class “free range” Red Stag hunting. Juan Ignacio Ochoa and his brother Mariano have lived on this property their entire lives and their family has guided Red Stag hunts there for over 100 years. That is 5 generations of Ochoas! Their father Jose Maria Ochoa is “El Jefe” of the estancia and especially of the Asado! The Stag hunting is all free range with steep hills and thick valleys that provide excellent habitat for these beautiful and majestic creatures. The herds that run through this property have made it their home because of the management and care taken of the property to insure the dominant bulls are left to mature well into their prime.

ARGENTINA – Rancho Salvaje Safaris La Pampa

Wildside Joe's Rancho Salvaje Safaris La Pampa Argentina Hunting

Experience the thrill of the hunt with Wildside Adventures at Rancho Salvaje Safaris in the rugged terrains of La Pampa, Argentina.
Here, you’ll traverse over 85,000 hectares of diverse, low-fenced landscapes, pursuing a range of game such as majestic red deer, European wild boar, axis deer, and water buffalo. Founded in 1990 by Daniel and Anabella, Rancho Salvaje is a family-owned hunting operation renowned for its commitment to quality, professionalism, and sustainable wildlife management. This ensures not only successful and ethical hunts but also helps preserve Argentina’s natural heritage. The adventure intensifies during the red deer roaring season, an exhilarating period when stags are at their most vocal. The trip also offers dove and pigeon hunting, adding variety to your experience. Each day ends with the warmth of traditional Argentine asado and storytelling, making this more than just a hunting trip—it’s a deep dive into Argentine culture and a connection with nature that promises adrenaline-pumping action and unforgettable memories.

ARGENTINA – Estancia Las Palomas

The Estancia Las Palomas is nestled just outside Cordoba Argentina in the premier dove hunting capital of the world. This secluded private lodge is a hunter’s paradise where you can relax and enjoy the most exhilarating dove hunt imaginable. Estancia Las Palomas was founded by people with a passion for wing shooting and a love for the Argentine culture and was designed to give our clients the ultimate Argentine hunting experience.

With the guidance of owner Martin Carranza, guests will receive first class treatment from the time they step off of the plane until the final bird hits the ground. With 8 bedrooms and 8 baths, the lodge is perfect for groups to be entertained with excellent food and even better hunting.

SOUTH AFRICA – Numzaan Safaris

Numzaan Safaris translates to “Mr. Safaris” in the native tongue. Founded in 1993, owners Stef and Lenette Swanepoel, along with their three sons, Jaco, Hano and AJ, have grown their brand to national acclaim. Their love for the wild and dedication to conservation and the tradition of hunting have worked to establish Numzaan Safaris as one of South Aftica’s premier outfitters.

The main lodge is situated only three hours northwest of OR Tambo International Airport, nestled beside the pleasant community of Thabazimbi, and blessed with a magnificent view of the Waterberg Mountain Range.

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