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Argentina & Patagonia have some of the most remote, stunning, and untouched landscapes in the world. In recent years, these destinations have also skyrocketed in popularity for fishing trips, specifically trout fly fishing. They have become so popular, it is our top guided fishing trip destination at Wildside Adventures!

If you’ve been pondering a trip to go trout fishing in Argentina, it’s probably both exciting and overwhelming. Everything from deciding where to stay, what to fish, and how to get there, can be a lot of information to weed through. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to trout fishing in Argentina. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. Best Places to Fish for Trout in Argentina
  2. Types of Trout in Argentina 
  3. What to Pack for Fishing in Argentina
  4. Best Fishing Lodges in Argentina 
  5. Wildside Adventures Trout Fishing Tips 

Best Places to Fish for Trout in Argentina

Fishing in Argentina should be on any angler’s bucket list. Northern Patagonia has long been noted as one of the best places in the world for trout fishing. When it comes to where to trout fish in Argentina, here are the best locations: 

Rio Grande: Trout is found throughout the world, but the Rio Grande in Argentina has more world-record-breaking sea-run brown trout than any other river in the world. You heard that right! If angling potentially record-breaking fish is a dream, you better book your trip for trout fishing in Argentina. 

San Martin de los Andes: If fly fishing for trout is your preferred method, trout fishing in San Martin de los Andes is the place for you. It is a small inland town in far west Argentina that sits on the Lago Lacar, one of the top inland lakes for fly fishing and trout.

Alumine River: Another top option for fly fishing in Patagonia, the tributaries of the Alumine River are flooded with trout. Flyfish the Alumine or visit one of the smaller rivers such as Relem, Litran, Malaco, or Quilka. This area is one of our top-selling fishing trips in Argentina, where we stay at El Refugio Quillen, where the owners have five generations of experience trout fishing in the region.  

Trevelin: Located just outside the stunning Los Alerces National Park, this region is remote, beautiful, and perfect to use as a trout fishing base while in Argentina. Nearby are numerous rivers and lakes where one can hike, wade, or float to catch trout in the region. 

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Types of Trout in Argentina

Argentina and Patagonia have many different types of trout species found in both lakes and rivers. Here are the most common types of trout found throughout the region: 

Brown Trout: Introduced from Europe, the brown trout is now found throughout the waterways of Patagonia. Typically golden in color, the brown trout is known for its color and monstrous size. The largest brown trout ever caught was in Argentina, weighing an astounding 16,300kg. 

Brook Trout: The most colorful and beautiful trout in Argentina, the brook trout is a favorite among fly fishermen. Brook trout can be found in the coldest waters of the region and are often found in underground springs. It is one of the smallest trout, and a typical fish weighs a little over 4kg. 

Rainbow Trout: The most commonly found trout throughout Patagonia, the rainbow trout stands out among other trout due to its ‘rainbow’ color, which often includes purple bands on each side. It is a mid-size trout, typically weighing around 10kg. 

Lake Trout: Most commonly found in Lake Argentino and Lake Burmeister, the Lake Trout is often referred to as the ‘big-headed fish’ by Argentinians due to the disproportionate size of its head to the rest of its body. It is less aggressive than many other species of trout, and can often weigh in excess of 20kg. 

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What to Pack for Trout Fishing in Argentina

Traveling the opposite side of the world to go fly fishing requires a niche packing list. After all, most trout fishing trips in Argentina are in remote, desolate areas, which means it’s best not to forget anything important! 

If you are trout fishing in Argentina with a guided group, they should have a packing list to share before your trip. After all, they will likely be supplying some of the gear, which will help keep your packing list light and manageable. 

We also recommend packing muted/camouflaged clothing, as bright colors can scare fish. And remember, winter in the United States means it’s summer in Patagonia. Pack accordingly for the season! 

Here is what we recommend packing for your upcoming trip: 

  • Breathable waders 
  • 2-3 fly rods 
  • Floating lines 
  • Weight sink tip lines
  • Floating Lines and Tippet
  • 9 foot leaders
  • Pliers/Scissors
  • Dry flies/wet flies 
  • Weighted nymphs 
  • Line floatants 
  • Fly fishing net (if fishing unguided)
  • Fishing vest (if fishing unguided)
  • Hiking/waterproof pants 
  • Rain jacket 
  • Headlamp 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts 
  • Light jacket 
  • Sweater/long sleeves 
  • Wool socks
  • Hiking/waterproof boots 
  • Passport 
  • Copies of passport 
  • Lip balm 
  • Toiletries

Jurassic Lake Lodge


Best Trout Fishing Lodges in Argentina

If you plan to go on a trout fishing trip in Argentina, a fishing lodge will be the best place to stay. Many of these lodges are in remote locations, meaning you can spend the days in the wilds of Patagonia catching trout and the evenings enjoy relaxing accommodations with delicious meals & great company. 

Each of these lodges is available on our guided fly-fishing trips at Wildside Adventures!

Jurassic Lake Lodge – It doesn’t get much more remote than this! Getting to Jurassic Lake Lodge required a long, bumpy ride on a desolate dirt road. At the end of the journey, you’ll be greeted by world-class rainbow trout fishing, delicious cuisine, and a wonderful, lodge at the edge of the world. Jurassic Lake Lodge is our base for our top trout fishing guided trips in Argentina

Kau Tapen Lodge – One of our favorites! Kau Tapen Lodge perfectly pairs adventure, comfort, and luxury in remote Patagonia. Its name means “house of fishing,” and fly-fishing is just steps away from your room. By night, enjoy the luxury lodge with delicious local cuisine and wine. 

Villa Marie Lodge – It is the sister lodge to Kau Tapen, which means it also offers luxurious lodge-style rooms and five-star cuisine. 

Both Kau Tapen and Villa Marie Lodges allow the angler many opportunities at the fabled Searun Brown trout which can easily pass the 20lb. barrier.

Entre Senderos Lodge – On the banks of the Rio Grand in Tevelin, Entre Senderos Lodge is a favorite for many fly fishing enthusiasts. It’s location is right on the river which offers wade fishing in just minutes or, a beautiful way to spend your evening by just sitting on the deck. 

El Regugio Quillen Lodge – Is a family-run estancia now in its 5th generation of the Ochoa Family. Located in Quillen about 2 hours from San Martin De Los Andes, this quaint little lodge offers some of the finest wade fishing you will see along with a family that will offer exceptional hospitality!

Fly Fishing Patagonia – This is a company that can offer several different options for fishing in Patagonia. Depending on what type of fishing you would like to do, they can help.

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Kau Tapan Lodge

Wildside Adventures Trout Fishing Trips in Argentina

A once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaits in southern Argentina for anglers. If you want to experience world-class fishing without the hassle of planning, permits, and transportation, book a guided trout fishing trip in Argentina with Wildside Adventures Travel Service. Many of these trips are hosted by Wildside Joe himself, who was the host of the TV series, Joe’s Wildside Adventures on the Sportsman Channel. 

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We hope to see you in Patagonia!

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