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Our most popular destination for guided fishing trips! Travel down to South America to catch everything from Searun Brown Trout to Golden Dorado. Our Argentina fishing tours occur throughout the country, including Patagonia, one of the most scenic and wild places in the world. Browse our collection of lodges and fishing partners, and reach out to book your custom tour or join one of our guided tours.

Patagonia on the Fly

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PATAGONIA ON THE FLY is excited to share with you some of the best fly fishing rivers in Northern Patagonia. With a home base located in San Martin de los Andes, we offer you access to several rivers and the privilege to stay in some of the finest Estancias in Argentina. With miles of private access to the best waters and wild trout, you will find this to be a unique and enjoyable experience.

Your trip can be organized depending on your needs and the type of fishing you are looking for. Professionalism and flexibility are what we offer when we plan these special trips. You can maximize the fishing with the best access to the rivers while you enjoy the stunning views, landscape, Argentinian culture, food and wines.

El Refugio Quillen

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Located on a tributary of the Alumine River in Patagonia, Argentina sits The El Refugio Quillen Lodge.  This quaint little gem on the Quillen River offers some of the best fly fishing in Patagonia.  The owner, Juan Ignacio Ochoa has lived on this property his entire life and his family has guided there for over 100 years. That is 5 generations of Ochoas!

While at the lodge, the angler will have many options as the trip will be custom built to your needs.  Wading, floating, hiking small streams, or fishing volcano lakes are all available.  Among the larger rivers that you will fish are the Quillen, Alumine, Pulmari, Norquinco and Rucachoroy.  The smaller rivers are the Relem, Litran, Malalco, Calfigquitra and Quilka.  The beauty of fishing these rivers is, there is a great chance you will never see another angler the whole week!  And, if you want to go after the big browns, the Norquinco, Pulmari, Pilhue, Nompehuen and Rucachorory Lakes are the places to be!

Golden Fly Fishing

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Nestled on the banks of the Paraná River in the Corrientes province of Argentina sits the Golden FlyFishing Lodge. The lodge has an old style European flare and is host to avid fly fishers from all over the world. The game?? Golden Dorado!  This toothy fresh water beauty offers the angler some of the most challenging fishing know to man.  It can range from 2 pounds up to 40Lbs and will give you a fight that you will never forget.  Fishing for the Golden Dorado can be enjoyed most of the year but most popular from November through March.

Lago Rosario Lodge

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Situated on beautiful Lago Rosario just outside the quaint Welsh settlement of Trevelin and spectacular Los Alerces National Park, our full service lodge has combined the best local guides, most productive waters, and comfortable, accommodating programs for fishing and non-fishing tourism.  Lago Rosario Lodge is a full service fly fishing and tourism operation, designed from its very beginnings to provide the utmost comfort and enjoyment for up to eight guests at a time during your stay with us in Argentine Patagonia. Spacious living quarters and well appointed common areas combine with the beautiful surroundings and spectacular views to make this the perfect setting for your next austral hemisphere adventure.

Jurassic Lake Lodge

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A world-class fly fishing lodge in remote Argentina that offers a wild escape for fishermen looking to catch trophy rainbow trout. This region is known as one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Once you visit, it’s easy to see why.

During this Argentina fishing tour, anglers stay at the Jurassic Lake Lodge, which offers panoramic views of the Barrancoso River and Strobel Lake. During the day, head out to the waters and catch rainbow trout fish in stunning Southern Argentina. At night, return to the lodge for five-star cuisine & ultimate relaxation in one of the world’s most remote corners. If you are interested in this Argentina fishing adventure, we start planning a year in advance for trips, so contact us early for the best availability & dates!

Kau Tapen Lodge

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Kau Tapen was the first fishing lodge on the Río Grande, opening its doors in 1984. Its name means “House of Fishing” in the Ona Language and here, in the heart of the Río Grande watershed, live the best pools on the river.  If the walls of the magnificent lodge could talk, they would tell story after story of battles with huge trout over thirty-plus years. Kau Tapen Lodge embodies the fly fishing experience and to hundreds of anglers it is their fishing home. On the river, short walks and shallow wading are the norm. Single or two handed rods are both effective. Skate a bomber over a resting lie, or float a nymph next to a cut back for Sea- Run Trout you’ve only see in your dreams.

Lakutaia Lodge

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For lovers of fly fishing, having the possibility of accessing lakes and rivers where it is difficult for other fishermen to have arrived previously, becomes without a doubt in a goal to be achieved. LAKUTAIA LODGE invites you not only to meet this goal, but also to be part of the Fly Fishing more southern of the planet, where it is possible to find trout Farios, Fontinalis Arcoiris and Sea Run, the latter the southern ones that can be found.

Villa Maria Lodge

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Villa Maria Lodge sits on the famous lower section of the Rio Grande, where anglers have the good fortune of being first in line for chrome sea-run browns pushing into system. Just above the tides, you’ll see seagulls whirl overhead and smell the estuary salt. The river here is a seasonal shape-shifter sculpted by powerful flows streaming off the Andes. Endless gravel bars, deep tanks, and prodigious runs are the norm. As for the fish, well they’re otherworldly too. On any given day, this is twenty-pounder territory. And “fish of a lifetime” are landed each week.

The Villa Maria Lodge, sister lodge to renowned Kau Tapen lodge is just 30 miles up river.  Villa Maria as the Kau Tapen, offer some of the most luxurious fishing and culinary delights on the planet.

Entre Senderos Lodge

Entre Senderos Lodge in Argentina offers unparalleled fishing on the Rio Grande. Situated in prime lower river territory, it’s the perfect spot for anglers. The river, shaped by the Andes, features endless gravel bars, deep tanks, and incredible runs. Here, landing twenty-pounders is common, and “fish of a lifetime” stories are frequent.

As the sister lodge to Kau Tapen, Entre Senderos Lodge provides a luxurious fishing experience with gourmet cuisine. It’s a must-visit for those seeking world-class fishing in Argentina.

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