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Have you ever thought of Iceland, Italy, or Ireland as a fishing destination? If not, wait until you experience it! Experience everything Europe has to offer, from history to delicious cuisine, all while fishing for Arctic Char, Atlantic Salmon, Grayling, Large Marble Trout, and more. Whether looking for inland fly fishing or deep-sea fishing, Europe has it all.

IRELAND – Delphi Lodge

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Fly fishermen have been coming to Delphi for centuries. Formerly it was the sporting playground of the Marquis of Sligo. It is now particularly noted for its excellent runs of Atlantic salmon. There is also the added attraction of staying at the magnificent Delphi Lodge, a beautiful Georgian country house with a glorious lakeside setting, fine cuisine and great atmosphere.

The number of rods is limited to 12 per day (and only 8 in February and March). Fishing rotates between the river and lakes on a half day basis to provide maximum variety of scenery and opportunity. Fishing is by fly only except for some early season trolling on Doolough.

DENMARK – Denmark Salmon Fishing

Europe Guided Fishing Destinations | Wildside Adventures

After years working with clients and anglers from all over the world in order to promote Fyn, and arrange seatrout fishing tours, we realized that it was time to create an accommodation dedicated to anglers. We built our lodge on the basis of what anglers desire. You will find unique facilities, expertise, flexible hours, and great hospitality, which is a perfect mix for anglers that you can’t find anywhere else in Denmark. Behind the lodge project there’s a young couple, that moved to Helnaes to start this adventure. Omar and Valentina will welcome you at the lodge upon your arrival. They will escort you to your rooms and prepare you for stay.

Denmark fishing & outdoor lodge is located in the south-west part of Fyn which is one of the most beautiful parts of the region with some of the best Seatrout spots in all of Denmark, near the town of Assens. This place takes the name of “Helnaes” and it is a minor island connected to Fyn by a beautiful isthmus. Helnaes is known as one of the most enchanting places of Fyn.

ICELAND – Fish Partner Angling Tours

Europe Guided Fishing Destinations | Wildside Adventures

If you want to chase trophy Browns on streamers, dry fly-eating Arctic Char, or catch your first Atlantic Salmon on the fly. We will make it happen; from DIY trout fishing to high-end luxury fishing, we offer it all on our Iceland fishing tours. Visit the land of fire & ice off the tourist track and in a completely unique way.

On this tour, we pair up with Fish Partner – Iceland’s premiere fly fishing company. Together, we create custom fly fishing tours, professional angler tours, family fishing vacations, and more.

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