Angler in a cap and face covering holding a large trout with a fly fishing rod in the background by the sea

Jurassic Lake: A World-Class Fly Fishing Paradise in Patagonia

Jurassic Lake, also known as Lago Strobel, stands as an original and world-class fly fishing lodge, a jewel in the crown of Southern Argentine Patagonia. This remote and wild destination is renowned for its incredible trophy rainbow trout fishing, offering pristine waters that captivate the heart of every angler. The lodge is strategically placed on a protected bay, within an easy walk to the mouth of the Barrancoso River, the sole significant tributary of Strobel Lake. This inlet is the epicenter of productivity for the entire lake, quickly ranking as one of the premier trophy rainbow trout fisheries globally.

Unique Destinations in Cold Water Salmonid Fishing

There are fantastic fly fishing locations worldwide, each offering unique experiences to the adventurous angler. For cold water salmonid fishing, there are a few locations that stand out, such as the Rio Grande Sea run brown fishery in Tierra del Fuego, The Skeena River steelhead fishery in British Columbia, and Alaska’s Bristol Bay, known for its Pacific salmon and rainbow trout. Lago Strobel and the Barrancoso River in Argentine Patagonia rightfully join this list of distinguished “bucket list” destinations.

The Biological Marvel of Jurassic Lake

Jurassic Lake, a true biological anomaly, is acclaimed as one of the planet’s most prolific trophy rainbow trout fisheries. The giant desert sink lake measures approximately 20 by 15 kilometers and is situated at around 3,000 feet in the vast, desolate expanse of the Patagonian Steppe. Despite its saltwater-like appearance with wind-chopped, blue water channels and shelves, Jurassic Lake teems with small scuds and massive rainbow trout. Remarkably, the rainbow trout here average over 10 pounds, with numerous fish in the mid-teens and a significant number reaching the 20+ pound class. These trout are hefty and known for their incredible strength and acrobatic prowess.

The Barrancoso River: A Crucial Spawning Ground in Jurassic Lake

The Barrancoso River plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem of Jurassic Lake, functioning as the primary spawning ground for the lake’s massive rainbow trout. This river is the lifeblood of the lake, providing the essential nutrients and breeding grounds necessary for sustaining the remarkable trout population. The unique geographical feature of this area is the absence of an outlet river. This characteristic, combined with the substantial water loss through evaporation, creates a distinct ecosystem. The lake’s large, deep, crystal-clear waters are abundant with freshwater shrimp (scuds), crucial to the trout’s diet and critical to their extraordinary growth rates.

Jurassic Lake Lodge: Prime Location for Trophy Fishing

Jurassic Lake Lodge is uniquely positioned at the mouth of the lake’s only significant tributary. With no outlet, this location on the lake is unparalleled, allowing anglers to reel in large fish almost every day of the season. While there have been instances of slower fishing, such as in February, where catches might range between 5-10 big fish a day, the general level of productivity in the camp’s waters is astonishing and often hard to comprehend. The lodge’s advantageous location is a prime destination for anglers seeking a fishing trip and an extraordinary fishing adventure.

Unparalleled Fishing Experience at Jurassic Lake

The fishing experience at Jurassic Lake is unlike any other, primarily due to the unique ecosystem that supports an incredible population of large and vigorous rainbow trout. The lake’s environment and the expertly positioned Jurassic Lake Lodge allow anglers to engage in arguably the most exceptional trophy rainbow trout fishing globally. The size and strength of the fish, coupled with the picturesque and serene setting of the Patagonian Steppe, make Jurassic Lake a dream destination for any serious angler. At Jurassic Lake Lodge, guests are not just visiting a fishing location but immersing themselves in an extraordinary natural phenomenon that promises both challenge and reward in equal measure.

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Your adventure at Jurassic Lake Lodge promises an exclusive and comfortable experience. The lodge can host up to 14 guests, offering a cozy and intimate setting. Currently, only 9 spots remain, so acting quickly to secure your place on this extraordinary fishing expedition is essential. 


Traveling to Jurassic Lake in 2024 has been more convenient and comfortable than ever. Your package includes a shuttle flight from El Calafate to Jurassic Lake, eliminating the need for the previous 6-hour drive. This addition ensures that your journey to the lodge is as smooth and enjoyable as the fishing itself.

Packages and Pricing

The package for this unforgettable experience includes a 7-night stay and 6 full days of fishing, priced at $7,495 per person.

What is Not Included?

International flights to Buenos Aires, domestic flights to and from El Calafate, a hotel stay in El Calafate, and gratuities are not included in the package.

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Embarking on this journey to Jurassic Lake Lodge is more than just a fishing trip; it’s an opportunity to reel in the trout of your dreams in a truly spectacular setting. This adventure promises monster catches and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 

Take advantage of this unique chance to experience some of the world’s best trout fishing.

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This is an opportunity to reel in the trout of your dreams in a spectacular setting. Join us for an adventure that promises monster catches and memories to last a lifetime.