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The colorful and aggressive peacock bass has been described as a social assassin as it likes to hang out with fish of similar size. However, the peacock is extremely territorial and will attack anything smaller that has the misfortune of wandering into its line of sight, whether the fish is actively feeding or not. This means peacock bass are fairly easy to catch as they will viciously attack virtually any type of bait. Once hooked, the peacock puts on a spectacular show that is second to none. Many anglers say the peacock bass is the best in the fishing world, having the aggressive instincts of largemouth bass while putting on the aerobatic displays of a rainbow trout. Peacock bass can grow to over 30 pounds and prefer the calm waters of small freshwater lagoons, lakes, and rivers where the water temperatures remain above 60 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

Peacock bass are native to the tropical waters of South America. The fish is found throughout the Amazon River basin that is spread across five South American countries, with Brazil and Columbia being the best for private fishing tours. Brazil alone claims over 4,000 miles of the Amazon River with upwards of 7,000 tributaries, eleven of which are larger than the Mississippi River. The Patagonian region in northern Argentina also provides peacock bass fishing, and the area is a top choice for booking Argentina fishing tours.

luxury fishing tours

Peacock bass are also found in North America, but only in the warm waters of extreme South Florida, where they were introduced in 1984 to combat several invasive species. However, the peacock bass of Florida are relatively small compared to the behemoths of South America.


Brazil is the king of peacock bass fishing, holding the majority of the Amazon River system that is world-renowned for its fishing opportunities. Booking luxury fishing tours in this area provides some of the best chances of finding monster peacock bass anywhere on earth. It is not uncommon to find 20-pounders lurking in the famed river’s lagoons and tributaries, ready to put a savage strike on your favorite lures and flies, and even 30-pound plus bass are not unheard of.

One of the premier Brazilian fishing outfitters on the Amazon, Acute Angling provides a truly unique fishing adventure by offering anglers a floating base on large live-aboard boats. The floating hotels move on a 1,200-mile circuit throughout the Amazon basin as seasonal conditions change to keep you on the fish and in the middle of the action. Accommodations include fully self-contained air-conditioned cabins. Acute Angling provides all-inclusive packages with transportation to and from the airport, accommodations, meals, all fishing tackle, and even daily laundry service.


Columbia’s beautiful Tomo and Guaviare rivers are home to some of the largest concentrations of giant peacock bass in the world. The Rio Guaviare is a favorite for luxury fishing tours as it is one of the most pristine rivers in the Amazon rainforest and is perfect for fly, lure, and bait anglers. The Guaviare is the longest tributary of the Orinoco River that winds a serpentine course for over 900 miles through the dense rain forests. The river holds all four species of giant peacock bass that reach weights of over 25 pounds and three feet in length. This river is sourced by the Ariari and the Guayabero rivers, which both originate in the eastern part of the Andes.

The Mapiri Lodge in Dedza Salima offers some of the best fishing in the Colombian Amazon basin, along with world-class accommodations. The lodge’s well-appointed, air-conditioned, contemporary cabins with private baths are designed to provide their guests with the ultimate creature comforts while they stay in the heart of the dense jungle above the mighty Guaviare River. The lodge also provides guests with world-class dining, prepared by a gourmet chef, along with a fully stocked bar. The lodge is equipped with Tracker fishing boats with 30HP motors that provide the perfect combination of speed and nimbleness for traversing the big rivers and navigating the smaller tributaries.


Argentina’s true claim to fishing fame are the humongous sea-run brown trout and the behemoth golden dorado that attract anglers from around the globe. Here in the country at the southernmost end of South America, several fishing lodges offer anglers a wide range of opportunities for booking Argentina fishing tours. Here guests will find trout weighing over 20 pounds and reaching lengths over 30 inches. The golden dorado reside from Buenos Aires to the northern border of the country and can weigh over 50 pounds and up to 30 inches in length. Golden Dorado can get up to 50lbs and over 40” in length.

El Refugio Quillen

Setting on a tributary of the Alumine River called the Quillen River, the El Refugio Quillen Lodge in Patagonia offers guests custom-designed Argentina fishing trips built to each guest’s favorite way of fishing, be it floating mighty rivers, small streams, or ancient volcano lakes or wading in small tributaries, the angler has many choices.

Golden FlyFishing Lodge

Set on a bank above the Parana River, the Golden Fly Fishing Lodge in the Corrientes offers old-style European hospitality for guests stalking the lodge’s namesake, the toothy golden dorado for the avid fly fisher.

Lago Rosario Lodge

argentina fishing tours

Located just outside Los Alerces National Park and the Welsh settlement of Trevelin, Lago Rosario Lodge provides anglers with experienced guides and some of the most highly productive waters in the world for large anadromous brown trout. Teamed with Natural Anglers Patagonia, these two organizations have teamed up to offer a second to none glamp camp in combination with the luxury of the lodge. Fishermen and women can enjoy various types of fishing from rivers, lakes, and small streams in areas seldom visited by humans.

Jurassic Lake Lodge

Named after the lake formed during the geological period of the same, Jurassic Lake Lodge is a world-class fly fishing destination in the heart of one of the most remote regions on earth. Argentina’s fishing trips to Jurassic Lake also provide anglers with one of the best opportunities to catch the biggest rainbow trout on the planet.

Lakutaia Lodge

Lakutaia Lodge provides access to rivers and lakes that will challenge even the most skilled and experienced angler. Here you will have the opportunity to stalk both the freshwater variety, the huge anadromous brown trout the area is famous for, and the colorful and feisty Farios and Arcoiris.

Villa Maria and Kau Tapen Lodges

The Villa Maria and its sister lodge, Kau Tapen, lie 30 miles upriver from the town of Rio Grande. They are two of Argentina’s most luxurious fishing lodges and top choices for Argentina fishing charters. Both lodges offer anglers opportunities at 20-plus pound sea-run browns trout on the famous Rio Grande river.

argentina fishing tours

From the huge colorful peacock bass of the Amazon River basin in Brazil and Columbia to the behemoth anadromous brown trout of Argentina, South America is one of those rare places where unique fishing legends are found, and once-in-a-lifetime memories are created. For more information on fishing for peacock bass or mega brown and rainbow trout in South America, email Joe Rossi at or call him at 412-352-8703. Joe has fished all over the world and can offer first-hand advice and help with booking Columbia fishing trips, Brazil fishing charters, and Argentina fishing tours, as well as fishing and hunting excursions to many other parts of the world. Joe also hosted the popular outdoor TV show “Joe’s Wildside Adventures” that ran for 10 years on the Sportsman Channel, FOX and ROOT Sports. You can watch Joe’s adventures on his YouTube channel.