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A world-class fly fishing resort set on a hill in one of the wildest places on Earth, Jurassic Lake Lodge is a fishing adventure that must be experienced to be believed. Colloquially known as Jurassic Lake, Strobel Lake, and the Barrancoso River basin area is one of the premier places for Argentina fishing tours and is one of the most coveted of all destinations for behemoth rainbow trout. The sheltered waters of the Barrancoso River inlet that feed Strobel Lake are the most productive spot in the area and one of the best holes for trophy rainbow trout anywhere in Argentina. Here, anglers catch the biggest rainbow trout of their lives with fish in the 20-plus pound weight class taken regularly, and monsters over 30 pounds are not unheard of.

argentina fishing trips

Strobel Lake

Lago Strobel in Spanish, Strobel Lake is a favorite for visiting anglers among all Argentina fishing trips. The lake was formed from a large desert sink set at a 3,000-foot elevation on a wild and windswept plateau in Southern Argentina. Its cold blue waters are filled with unheard-of numbers of rainbow trout feeding on the lake’s unending food supply, which includes aquatic insects and freshwater crustaceans called “scuds” that resemble microscopic shrimp. The rich food supply and a relative lack of natural predators allow the trout to grow to gargantuan size in record time.

The fish can be seen cruising the shoreline like sharks, with their dorsal fins jutting from the surface of the water or lurking in the shallows along the edges of the river’s mouth, waiting to ambush prey. This provides phenomenal opportunities to sight-cast cruising trout, particularly on especially calm and clear days. Because of the vast and varied food supply, at times, the water literally boils with feasting fish and a variety of fly patterns and streamers, with a slow and steady retrieve, all produce dumbfounding results.

While rainbows are the sole species in Jurassic Lake, their variations can be striking depending on where in the lake they are caught. For example, the fish are typically more silver, similar to steelhead with stouter tails, at the mouth and become more colorful away from the inlet. Further upriver, they morph into what resembles spawning male red salmon with their humped backs and protruding jaws.

Barrancoso River

The Barrancoso River, or Rio Barrancoso in Spanish, has no rival for trophy rainbows and is a prime spot for Argentina fishing tours. From its headwaters to its inlet, the Barrancoso River has earned its deserved reputation as a trophy rainbow-trout stream. The number of behemoth trout holding in the river’s runs and pools oftentimes seems impossible. When the water is high in the spring, the river is the spawning grounds for every trout in the lake. Later in the year, after the water recedes, rainbows continue to cycle in and out of the river to feed. Depending on conditions, the trout will take a dry or wet fly and savage a streamer. As a bonus for guests, the river’s most productive water is just a short hike from the lodge, and guests gain exclusive private access to this incredible river throughout the season without having to compete with other anglers.

argentina fishing tours

Lower Rio Barrancoso

The lower section of the Barrancoso River is one of the best spots in the country for Argentina fishing tours. This section of the river is by far the most productive and holds untold pools and runs and is home to what is nicknamed “the aquarium.” This huge pool is where the fish hold up to rest before continuing their migration upriver.

Middle Rio Barrancoso

Because it is shallower than the lower section of the Rio Barrancoso, the majority of the larger fish from the lake are not able to access the middle portion of the river. However, this six-mile section of water holds breathtaking scenery and plenty of rainbow trout weighing up to 10 pounds.

Upper Rio Barrancoso

Due to its difficult access, the over 12-mile upper section of the river holds some of the most untouched waters in Argentina. The virtually unexplored nine-mile stretch of headwaters of the Barrancoso River is a dream come true for anglers wanting virtually virgin waters.

argentina fishing tours

Jurassic Lake Lodge

From its inauspicious beginnings as a tent camp, Jurassic Lake Lodge was completely renovated in 2016 and is now a premiere destination for Argentina fishing charters. Despite its remote location, the beautiful Jurassic Lake Lodge has all the amenities you would expect in a modern fishing resort, thanks to a state-of-the-art solar system, satellite phone, TV, and high-speed internet service. The lodge can accommodate up to ten anglers in single- and double-occupancy rooms, each with its own full bath. A stay includes accommodations and five-star cuisine with traditional Argentinean gourmet meals prepared by a trained chef. A full bar with an extensive collection of single malt and blended whiskey and Argentinian wines will await you after a full day on the water. The Jurassic Lake Lodge is the only lodge on the lake that has access to the lower Barrancoso River and especially the Aquarium.

Best Time to Visit Jurassic Lake Lodge

Those accustomed to typical fly fishing action can visit anytime for fishing that will surpass anything previously experienced. The lodge holds the right to over 10 miles of the most productive land on the lake’s southern shore, which encompasses several sheltered bays and coves. The lodge’s professional guides always know the best places to fish at any time and condition.

Early Season: October to January

The best time to visit Jurassic Lake is the month of October. During the month of October the fish are cruising and staging near the mouth of the Barrancoso by the thousands getting ready to head up river to spawn. An angler can take several of these monsters in a single session.

Middle Season: Mid-January to Mid-March

While catch rates are still high, there is a sharp drop in overall numbers of fish beginning the second week of January. However, there will still be days when you will pull in a dozen big rainbows, and the weather begins to warm up.

Late Season: Mid-March to May

April is one of the best times for planning an Argentina fishing tour and a visit to Jurassic Lake Lodge as the trout again begin feasting in earnest in preparation for the coming winter. The temperatures begin to cool again, and the wind, rain, and hail return, with the possibility of snowstorms.

argentina fishing tours

There is no question that one of the best private fishing tours anywhere is at Jurassic Lake Lodge. The all-inclusive resort can be one of the all-time highlights of any angler’s life and should be experienced by any serious fly-fishing enthusiast. However, because it is such a popular destination, you should plan your rainbow trout fly fishing trip at Jurassic Lake Lodge at least a year in advance. There are a lot of logistics with planning this trip, so using an experienced booking agent is highly recommended. Joe Rossi the owner and operator of Wildside Adventures Travel Service is one of Jurassic Lake Lodge’s premier booking agents. Joe has been traveling to Argentina to explore its many diverse fisheries and entertain clients there for the past 15 years. As a side note Joe hosted “Joe’s Wildside Adventures” for 10 years on the Sportsman Channel, FOX, and ROOT Sports. Visit Joe’s YouTube channel WildsideJoe to see some of his adventures. You can contact Joe at Wildside Adventures Travel Service, or call him at 412-352-8703.