Joe'S Recipes



Redfish or Red Drum Filets
Joe’s Wild Side Blacken Seasoning
Olive Oil
Fresh Watermelon
Red Soda Pop
Watermelon Schnapps
Red Kool-Aid


Cut fresh watermelon into chucks and place in a blender or food processor with Watermelon Schnapps, Red Soda or Pop, Red Kool-Aid and blend to a puree.  Strain contents of blender into a separate bowl.  Take two tablespoons of honey and mix well into the Coulis.  Put aside.

Put Olive Oil and Joe’s Wild Side Blacken Seasoning into a plate and mix thoroughly.  Take Redfish filets and place in the mixture making sure to coat the entire filet.  Place a Cast Iron Skillet on high heat for several minutes until pan is smoking hot.  Place the Redfish Filets into the Cast Iron skillet and cook about three minutes on each side making sure not to over cook the fish.  When done, remove filets from the skillet and plate.  Take a spoon and pour the Coulis over the Redfish Filets and serve with a red pepper, zucchini, and yellow squash medley.