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El Refugio Quillen Red Stag

Free Range Red Stag hunting in Patagonia, Argentina

Located on a tributary of the Alumine River in Patagonia, Argentina sits El Refugio Quillen Lodge.  Not only does this quaint little gem on the Quillen River offers some of the best fly fishing in Patagonia, it also offers world class “free range” Red Stag hunting. 

Juan Ignacio Ochoa and his brother Mariano have lived on this property their entire lives and their family has guided Red Stag hunts there for over 100 years. That is 5 generations of Ochoas! Their father Jose Maria Ochoa is “El Jefe” of the estancia and especially of the Asado!

The Stag hunting is all free range with steep hills and thick valleys that provide excellent habitat for these beautiful and majestic creatures. The herds that run through this property have made it their home because of the management and care taken of the property to insure the dominant bulls are left to mature well into their prime. The Oachas believe that even though the antlers are huge or the body is massive, the age is what determines whether these bulls will be harvested. Whatever they are doing, it’s working!

Being that the lodge is family owned and operated, El Refugio Quillen offers something a little different than most commercial lodges in Argentina.  Each hunter will get to experience home life in Patagonia during your entire stay. The entire family is involved. Your daily cuisine may include Tati’s torta fritas and three course meals or an authentic Argentine Asado prepared by Jose Maria Ochoa that may include cordero, morcilla, chorizo, and the staple of Argentine cuisine, grass fed beef! Melina will bring out the home-made charcuteries, cheeses, olives, and of course the Argentine Malbecs from the world famous Mendoza wine region. Somehow your glass will never be empty! You might even get serenaded by Maria Lucia at the dinner table! All of this is included in your package at no extra charge!

To experience Patagonia like this, is an experience you will never forget!