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Belize River Lodge

Mike Heusner, Marguerite Miles and Misha Miles, the owners, managers and hosts at Belize River Lodge have so graciously hosted me and my staff going on 10 years now.  Each stay at the BLR has been more memorable than the previous one.  I have learned so much about salt water fly fishing from their expert guides, the cultures of the Belizean people and the wonder of the Belize River.  It is a destination that I truly enjoy returning to.  During this trip I was able to hook up with three 100 pound plus Tarpon in the same afternoon and to make it even more special, I landed two of them!  One was 142lbs and the other was 125lbs!  They say that if a fly fisherman lands 1 out of 6 tarpon he is doing great, so my day was awesome!

The Belizean hospitality and the delicious combination of fine Belizean-Creole cuisine make this one of my favorite destinations.  Cooking on the Wildside this week will feature some of my recipes with the local Snook!