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Beaued up Waterfowl

Beaued up Waterfowl, LLC is a fully guided waterfowl hunting service that offers Canadian goose and duck hunts. Located in Western New York, our hunt zone is an ideal location within the Atlantic flyway. With over 20 years of waterfowl hunting experience combined, we are made up of 5 New York State licensed and insured guides. Within our hunt zone, we are blessed to have various bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, creeks, and swamps all of which provide viable roosting locations for waterfowl. Our area provides a generous amount of target species ranging from honkers and little geese with the occasional cacklers, to plenty of mallards, black ducks, and woodies. White fronted geese (specs) are a possibility if some get lost in the sky. Early goose season starts September 1st with a 15 bird limit a day per hunter. Our hunts take place mostly in dry agricultural fields of wheat, cover crops, and sweet corn along with opportunities to hunt flooded stands of corn in private blinds. Later in the season, we hunt mostly in cut corn. Our early duck season starts October 15th, with a 6 duck limit a day per hunter. We have multiple public spots as well as private land and a permanent blind that holds 5 hunters as well as top quality equipment. All that’s missing is you! Come join in on some fast paced action and share a blind with us! Read more about: Big Chino Guide Service