Wisconsin Grouse Hunting Trip at Flambeau Forest Outfitters: October 27-30, 2023

Wisconsin, with its diverse landscapes, offers an array of outdoor adventures, and one of its hidden gems is grouse hunting. The state’s vast woodlands, rolling hills, and pristine forests create the ideal habitat for the elusive and challenging game bird: the ruffed grouse. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of grouse hunting in Wisconsin, exploring the joys, challenges, and the rich hunting culture that makes it a favorite among enthusiasts. The Wisconsin ruffed grouse season runs from mid-September through January of the following year. During this time, you may experience a myriad of weather from warm to bitter temperatures. Mark your calendar for the upcoming trip from October 27th to 30th, 2023 for your chance to experience the excitement, camaraderie, and natural beauty that make Wisconsin a premier destination for grouse hunting. Secure your spot with Joe at Wildside Adventures Travel Service and prepare for an unforgettable hunting adventure amidst the state’s pristine woodlands and rolling hills.

The Ruffed Grouse: A Wisconsin Treasure

The ruffed grouse, often called the “king of the upland birds,” is a prized game bird known for its distinctive fan-shaped tail and remarkable drumming displays during the breeding season. Wisconsin is home to a thriving population of these birds, making it a top destination for avid grouse hunters.

Prime Locations for Grouse Hunting

Wisconsin’s vast wilderness provides numerous hotspots for grouse hunting. Some of the state’s prime grouse-hunting regions include:


The northern part of the state, including areas like Vilas County and Bayfield County, is a grouse hunter’s paradise. Here, expansive forests of hardwoods and conifers offer ideal grouse habitat.

Central Wisconsin

Counties like Marathon and Langlade boast diverse terrain, including mixed forests, swamps, and farmland edges, making them excellent locations to find grouse.

Western Wisconsin

Counties like St. Croix and Polk offer a blend of woodland and agricultural areas, making them unique and productive spots for grouse hunters.

Southern Wisconsin: Even in the southern part of the state, you can find pockets of grouse habitat near public lands and game farms.

Hunting Seasons and Regulations

Wisconsin offers a well-structured hunting season for ruffed grouse, typically running from mid-September to January. Our team is aware of bag limits, licensing requirements, and specific regulations, which can vary from year to year. We also check the most up-to-date information from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources before heading out on our hunting trips.

Grouse Hunting Challenges and Tips

Grouse hunting in Wisconsin can be both thrilling and challenging. These birds are known for their erratic flight patterns and ability to blend seamlessly into the forest underbrush. Here are some tips for a successful grouse hunt:

Scout Your Hunting Grounds

Familiarize yourself with the terrain and likely grouse habitats before the hunting season begins. Look for signs like drumming logs and droppings.

Use a Well-Trained Dog

A skilled hunting dog, especially a pointing or flushing breed, can significantly enhance your chances of locating and retrieving grouse.

Choose the Right Firearm

Opt for a shotgun with a gauge suitable for grouse hunting, such as a 20 or 28-gauge. Light loads with small shot sizes are often recommended.

Stay Quiet and Patient

Grouse have keen hearing and are easily spooked. Move quietly and be patient, as they may hold tight before flushing.

Safety First

Always follow safe hunting practices, wear blaze orange for visibility, and be aware of your surroundings.

A Rich Hunting Culture

Wisconsin has a rich hunting culture that extends beyond the pursuit of game. Grouse hunting here is not just about bagging birds; it’s about immersing yourself in the state’s natural beauty, bonding with fellow hunters, and preserving a cherished tradition.


Grouse hunting in Wisconsin offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature, test your hunting skills, and create lasting memories. With its diverse landscapes and thriving grouse populations, the state beckons hunters from near and far.  If you’re eager to embark on a grouse-hunting adventure led by an experienced host, you’re in luck. Joe Rossi, an avid outdoorsman and seasoned host, offers guided hunts each season. His passion for the outdoors and extensive knowledge of the sport ensures that you’ll have a memorable and successful hunting experience. To secure your spot and ensure availability, it’s advisable to book your trip early, as these hosted hunts tend to fill up quickly.

Pricing for a 4-night, 3-day grouse hunting package is $1,500 per hunter.

Joe’s hosted hunts provide exceptional value, with a 4-night, 3-day package priced at $1,500 per hunter. This comprehensive package includes essential elements for a successful hunt and a comfortable stay. It covers lodging, the expertise of experienced guides, the assistance of well-trained hunting dogs, and the convenience of bird-cleaning services.

Please note that travel to and from Flambeau Forest Outfitters in Wisconsin, food, shotgun shells, and tips are not included in the package price.


While Joe’s package covers the core components of your grouse hunting experience, it’s important to budget for additional expenses. Travel to and from the hunting location, meals, ammunition, and gratuities are not included in the package cost. Be sure to plan accordingly and reach out to Joe for any specific details or recommendations to make your hunting trip as enjoyable as possible.