Fishing Destinations | Costa Rica

Thumper Blue Water Expeditions

The traveling billfish angler has a myriad of excellent locations to pursue his or her passion in Pacific Central America from Guatemala to Panama…the majority of these locales are famous for their sailfish bite.

Golfito , however, is home to one of the most prolific MARLIN bites on the planet. The Panama/CR border area is one of the few places in the world where three tectonic plates converge. (Hannibal Bank is on the Cocos Plate and millennia ago was located off the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador).

This intense plate activity has caused crust upwellings and intense volcanic activity that persists today. It is these folds in the earth’s crust and extinct volcanic cones that rise from the depths that enhance the currents and attract the bonito and yellowfin with the Marlin in close pursuit.