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Restigouch River Lodge

About Us

DescriptionThe Restigouche River Lodge is located on the banks of the world renowned Restigouche River in Mann’s Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada. The lodge owns rights to 3.5 miles of private and exclusive water and sits in the center of this spectacular water shed. Our water line starts from the junction of the Matapedia River in Quebec across to New Brunswick and then to a point over 3 miles upriver encompassing the shores of both New Brunswick and Quebec. The angler will have the experience of fly fishing crystal clear water for large Atlantic salmon fresh from the salt. From spring into June and then again in late summer through the end of September the RRL has an additional 2 miles of adjacent water that is available to our guests.

The Restigouche River is known for its exclusivity, gin clear water and her large Atlantic salmon. Fish over forty pounds are landed somewhere on the Restigouche every year salmon in the high twenties and through the thirties considered common. Early spring through the end of June is the best time for these magnificent Atlantics. From the spring run of hens into the prime weeks of June and July then on to dry fly fishing culminating with numbers and colorful fall fishing all parts of the season have something special to offer.