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Hodges Afognak Island Lodge

Jim & Cathy Hodge

Jim Hodge is the definition of a true Alaskan Outdoorsman.  He was born and raised in New Hampshire and moved to Alaska in 1984. His enthusiasm with hunting, fishing, trapping and hiking extends back through his childhood years in the Northeast. This foundation in the outdoor sports field has been integrated with his 30+ years of hunting and fishing throughout the Alaskan frontier.  Jim is a certified Alaskan Master Hunting Guide.  Additionally, he is a fishing guide and possesses a coast guard captain’s license.  Jim is a master of his trade and combines his skills, knowledge, and passion to custom fit each adventure to suit an individual hunter or fisherman. He is particular about the safety, logistics and the needs of his clients to ensure an enjoyable and memorable adventure.  As he is fond of saying. “You will leave Alaska Stronger and Better Looking!” 

Cathy Hodge plays a very active role within Hodge’s Outfitters.  She is responsible for the office, marketing, and the day to day activities within the Hodge’s Afognak Island Lodge. Cathy was born in Central Florida and has resided in Alaska since 1983.  Cathy is passionate about cooking, Gardening, Fitness, Hiking and the outdoors and has hiked throughout the US, Alaska and Canada.  She has successfully woven all of her skills together to provide the client with visit filled with gourmet dishes, the comforts of home and the diverse knowledge of the Flora and Fauna of the Alaskan Outdoors.