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El Refugio Quillen

Located on a tributary of the Alumine River in Patagonia, Argentina sits The El Refugio Quillen Lodge.  This quaint little gem on the Quillen River offers some of the best fly fishing in Patagonia.  The owner, Juan Ignacio Ochoa has lived on this property his entire life and his family has guided there for over 100 years. That is 5 generations of Ochoas!

While at the lodge, the angler will have many options as the trip will be custom built to your needs.  Wading, floating, hiking small streams, or fishing volcano lakes are all available.  Among the larger rivers that you will fish are the Quillen, Alumine, Pulmari, Norquinco and Rucachoroy.  The smaller rivers are the Relem, Litran, Malalco, Calfigquitra and Quilka.  The beauty of fishing these rivers is, there is a great chance you will never see another angler the whole week!  And, if you want to go after the big browns, the Norquinco, Pulmari, Pilhue, Nompehuen and Rucachorory Lakes are the places to be!

Being that the lodge is family owned and operated, El Refugio Quillen offers something a little different than most commercial lodges in Argentina.  Each angler will get to experience life in Patagonia for 6 days.  Home cooking, Mamas Torta Fritas, Asado, Cordero, Morcilla, Pollo, Choriso, grass fed Argentine Beef to name a few.  Assortments of charcuterie, cheeses, olives and of course Argentine Malbec from the world famous Mendoza Wine Region will please your palate each day.  All of this is included in your package!

If you are a hunter, El Refugio offers trophy Red Stag Hunting from the same lodge!  A combination hunting/fishing package can be set up if you choose to go in the March/April time frame. 

To experience Patagonia like this is an experience you will never forget!