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Alberta Waterfowl Hunting

Our outfit operates in 5 wildlife management units in north/central Alberta, which puts our “drop pin” in the middle of the central flyway. Our fully guided hunts are conducted over decoys in dry agriculture fields of peas, wheat and barley, along with a crazy amount of potholes and dugouts. Our areas are blessed to have several major rivers run through them, which keeps over 100 miles of open water for the birds to roost. Located within one of the zones we hunt in, is one of the biggest roosting lakes in Alberta. Here, the birds can refuel in the area’s fertile farm fields as they make their way south through the province.

Alberta Goose Hunting

This area of Alberta affords a wide variety of waterfowl, which includes both greater and lesser Canada Geese, Specs, and Ross. This area also has plenty of Mallards, Pintail, and a variety of Teal and Puddle ducks. To be a member of our team, our guides must have a minimum of 6 years of guiding experience, along with a minimum of 4 years of experience for our spotters. Our current guides have over 25 years each, and each of our spotters have 6 years both spotting and being a guide. 

Alberta Duck Hunting

At CNFO, we are graced with the wonderful opportunity to be able to run our operation in one of the top locations in North America for duck hunting. With abundant lakes, rivers, and potholes within and around our hunting areas (as well as pea, barley, and wheat fields covering the landscape), we can provide our clients with some exciting and fast paced duck hunting.