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Duck Hunting for Mallards, Pintails & Widgeons in Alberta, Canada
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Canada geese, Snow geese and Speckled geese stop to fuel up for their long flight south and Mallard ducks, Pintails and Widgeons stage in the thousands in the peace parklands. Our hunting area in McLennan, Alberta is indisputably one of the premier waterfowl hunting areas in North America! According to the Head Biologist of North Western Alberta, McLennan, Alberta is the premier waterfowl location in the Peace Country. McLennan, The Bird Capital of Canada, is located on Kimiwan Lake . Recorded counts in excess of 26,000 migratory birds per day use Kimiwan Lake during migratory season.

We are committed to managing our number of waterfowl hunters to ensure that hunters will have excellent duck and goose hunting throughout their stay. Our waterfowl hunters will be happy with a solid effort and a well organized, well run hunt. We are committed to a policy of 100% “fair chase” and stress principles and ethics above all else.